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Mads Conrad-Petersen from Denmark comes by

The Badminton Society had Mads Conrad-Petersen of the Denmark Badminton team come by and visit. Mads is currently world ranked number 12 in badminton men’s doubles (BWF rankings). He gave the Badminton Society team a good workout joining in with our men’s and mixed doubles games. Several of our team players, notably Ivan and Chun Tin, tried to smash their way through Mads’ brickwall defence (and very unsuccessful). Ten out of ten for effort and sweat by the HKFC guys but the only generosity we saw from our guest was a good dose of his sense of humour at repelling all that was thrown at him. Trivia: How many racquets does a professional badminton player take when on the pro tour? Answer: Mads takes up to ten racquets on his trips.